Friday 31 January 2014

American Anthrax

Remember the postal anthrax attacks of 2001?  The ones that killed 5 people. The ones that came with notes saying in broken English such things as 'DEATH TO AMERICA. DEATH TO ISRAEL. ALLAH IS GREAT'.  I do.  I was working in an office at the time and we were issued with gloves to open the mail, just in case Osama or Saddam or whoever was responsible sent some anthrax our way.  Actually, it turns out if we had received some it wouldn't have come from the Middle East, it would have come from the United States Armies own bio weapons laboratory, that was the conclusion of the FBI investigation anyway.

Robbie Martin has produced a documentary exploring the strange story surrounding these attacks, ultimately questioning if they were in fact an 'inside job' used to generate a climate of fear and beat the drums of war for Iraq.  Here he is being interviewed on this by his sister, Abby - 

You can watch the full documentary here -

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