Tuesday 1 April 2014

The Libertarian Anarchy Lecture

The videos are here, Professor Gerard Casey's Libertarian Anarchy lecture is now online and available for viewing below.  It's split into two parts, the main lecture and the question and answer session.

And here are some links to subjects Professor Casey mentioned during the talk - 

George Ought to Help - A four minute cartoon explaining the non-aggression principle upon which libertarianism rests and how governments violate this.

Roads Fit for People - An experiment of what happened when traffic lights at a busy junction were switched off and drivers were left to organise priority between themselves.

Professor Casey touched on government control of education.  There're lots of great resources on this, I would particularly recommend anything by the American teacher John Taylor Gatto.  I'll just link to a free book by Libertarian 'guru' Murray Rothbard - 'Education Free and Compulsory'.  Rothbard documents that the State's involvement in education has always been a means of social control, form Sparta to the present day.  As you can see from the opening paragraph, he doesn't pull his punches - 

"The record of the development of compulsory education is a record of State usurpation of parental control over children on behalf of its own; an imposition of uniformity and equality to repress individual growth; and the development of techniques to hinder the growth of reasoning power and independent thought among the children."

The subject of the environment was raised during the questions, specifically how it might be protected in the absence of a government.  You can hear Libertarian Walter Block discussing this issue and explaining how a free-market has protected the environment in the past and could do so again.

Here's economist Bob Murphy discussing how property rights could evolve to tackle the issue of global warming, without the need for government.  This segment starts at the twenty one minute mark.  (there is however a very interesting discussion on the economics of why slavery couldn't exist in a Stateless society before that).

Finally and perhaps most importantly the subject of Democide was raised, how governments are simply too dangerous to be allowed to exist due to them being the number one cause of unnatural deaths throughout history.  This hard hitting video by Alex Jones documents the murder rate of different State's around the world, it contains some graphic images.

Thanks to all those who attended and supported the lecture for making the production of this video possible.  If anyone would like any information on any other topic raised then leave a comment and I'll do my best to to link to some.

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