Sunday 23 June 2013

Red Team, Blue Team?

One of the most interesting things to watch after Mr. Obama became president was how the American media changed roles.   It was a bit like the wrestling, where all the good guys became bad guys and all the bad guy became good guys.   So all the left wing media that had spent eight years exposing and criticising the creeping fascism of the Bush administration were suddenly cheering on the same policies under Obama.  On the opposite side of the coin, we had the right wing media suddenly becoming deeply concerned about abuses of state power now that a democrat was in charge, abuses that had never bothered them in the slightest when carried out by Republicans!

So what's going on here?  Are these people just paid actors who will play any role for the money?   Probably yes.  But then I wouldn't be surprised if they really do feel an affiliation to their particular team.  Just look at the way people support sports teams.  They feel an incredible passion for either the red team or the blue team, it could be Liverpool or Everton, Manchester United or Manchester City.  Everyone knows there's no ideological difference between these teams, no difference in style and they're all corporate entities, but that doesn't stop fans loving one and hating the other in equal measure.  Why then should we be surprised to find the same blind devotion to the red team or the blue team in politics, where we can all at least pretend there's a real ideological difference, even if we're deluding ourselves.

In the video below Abby Martin exposes exactly this behaviour in the political comedian Bill Maher, a man I enjoyed watching during the Bush years who has now abandoned every principal it would appear he never really stood for in the first place.  Come on you Blues!!!

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