Tuesday 2 July 2013

Mind Manipulation in the Media?

When I clicked on the below video I certainly didn't plan on watching the full half hour, however after about two minutes I was hooked!   It's a totally cynical look at the 'interview' techniques used by mainstream media pundits, in this case Sean Hannity.   Mr. Hannity is interviewing a University Professor who is asserting that the September 11th terrorist attacks were an inside job and that World Trade Centre Building Seven was brought down by controlled demolition.  If I viewed this clip, all I would see is Sean Hannity acting like a jerk, nothing unusual about that. What I wouldn't have picked up on is the possibility that this whole interview is actually a highly orchestrated effort to discredit such ideas in the public psyche, employing dirty verbal tricks and hand gestures to lead peoples minds in the desired direction.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if FOX and other such stations send their pundits on all sorts of training to do with psychological manipulation, in fact I'd be amazed if they didn't.   Still maybe the guy analysing this interview is going too far at times, particularly with the 666 stuff.  What I find interesting though is that many people, myself included, would see Sean Hannity (and his like) as nothing more than an ill-educated jerk.  It's interesting to look through another lens and consider maybe he is highly intelligent in a nefarious way and knows exactly what he's doing at all times.

Ok, that's two articles in a row featuring Mr. Hannity now, which is at least three more than he deserves.   I promises I'll never mention him again.

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