Tuesday 19 November 2013

LBJ Killed JFK - Abby Martin Interviews Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a political strategist for the Republican party who worked on the Presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and both of the Bush's.  He was at the centre of the infamous incident in Florida in the year 2000, preventing the recount that could have seen Al Gore elected President.  He spent thirty years at the heart of the American political establishment and has just authored a book claiming that Lyndon B. Johnson was the central figure in the plot to kill John F. Kennedy.

Whilst no one could accuse Mr. Stone of being a particularly honest or trustworthy man (just watch the interview to see why), given his position his views on the assassination of John F. Kennedy are certainly worth listening to.   His frank admissions of the dirty tricks that go on in U.S. Presidential elections is also eye opening to say the least!

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