Tuesday 19 November 2013

The Emerging American Police State

For years I've been seeing these horrendous reports and videos coming out of the USA of police abusing their power.  Breaking into peoples homes, shooting pet dogs and preforming strip and cavity searches on innocent people by the road side.  The suggestion accompanying these is usually that America is descending into being a fascist police state.  Whist for many reasons over the past dozen years it has certainly appeared that way, I'm always also wondering if these kind of things have always gone on, it's just now everyone carries a camera around with them and abusive incidents find there way on to youtube, so we're all more aware of it.

Well according to lawyer and author John Whitehead the answer is no, these kind of abuses have vastly increased in recent years, as the police have been militarised there's been a three thousand percent increase in swat team raids since the early 1980's.  These can result in innocent people, and even children, being murdered in their own homes.  In this interview with Tom Wood's, Mr. Whitehead details some of the more extreme examples he's come across, including one of a man who was committed to a mental institution for writing anti-Obama posts on Facebook!  He also questions why exactly the Department of Homeland Security have felt the need recently to buy over one billion hollow point bullets. Scary stuff indeed.

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