Sunday 23 June 2013

Red Team, Blue Team?

One of the most interesting things to watch after Mr. Obama became president was how the American media changed roles.   It was a bit like the wrestling, where all the good guys became bad guys and all the bad guy became good guys.   So all the left wing media that had spent eight years exposing and criticising the creeping fascism of the Bush administration were suddenly cheering on the same policies under Obama.  On the opposite side of the coin, we had the right wing media suddenly becoming deeply concerned about abuses of state power now that a democrat was in charge, abuses that had never bothered them in the slightest when carried out by Republicans!

So what's going on here?  Are these people just paid actors who will play any role for the money?   Probably yes.  But then I wouldn't be surprised if they really do feel an affiliation to their particular team.  Just look at the way people support sports teams.  They feel an incredible passion for either the red team or the blue team, it could be Liverpool or Everton, Manchester United or Manchester City.  Everyone knows there's no ideological difference between these teams, no difference in style and they're all corporate entities, but that doesn't stop fans loving one and hating the other in equal measure.  Why then should we be surprised to find the same blind devotion to the red team or the blue team in politics, where we can all at least pretend there's a real ideological difference, even if we're deluding ourselves.

In the video below Abby Martin exposes exactly this behaviour in the political comedian Bill Maher, a man I enjoyed watching during the Bush years who has now abandoned every principal it would appear he never really stood for in the first place.  Come on you Blues!!!

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Saturday 1 June 2013

The Colour of My Dreams


I saw this poem on the wall of a pre-school the other day.  If I had children, I'd send them there.

Colour of My Dreams

I'm a really rotten reader
the worst in all the class,
the sort of rotten reader
that makes you want to laugh.

I'm last in all the readin' tests,
my score's not on the page
and when I read to teacher
she gets in such a rage.

She says I cannot form my words
she says I can't build up
and that I don't know phonics
and don't know a c-a-t from k-u-p.

They say that I'm dyslexic
(that's a word they've just found out)
... but when I get some plasticine
I know what that's about.

I make these scary monsters
I draw these secret lands
and get my hair all sticky
and paint on all me hands.

I make these super models,
I build these smashing towers
that reach up to the ceiling
and take me hours and hours.

I paint these lovely pictures
in thick green drippy paint
that gets all on the carpet
and makes the cleaners faint.

I build great magic forests
weave bushes out of string
and paint pink panderellos
and birds that really sing.

I play my world of real believe
I play it every day
and teachers stand and watch me
but don't know what to say.

They give me diagnostic tests,
they try out reading schemes,
but none of them will ever know
the colour of my dreams.

- Peter Dixon

More of the work of the poet and educationalist Peter Dixon can be found here:

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Secret Courts, an Update

Quick link to an article in today's Daily Mail about a recent and most disturbing secret court case.  If the Mail has gotten it right, a father was imprisoned for merely sending a public Facebook message to his grown up son, with whom he lived, wishing him a happy birthday.  This is in the UK by the way, not....., well actually I don't know of a country where identifying your children as your own is illegal.  To quote one of the apt comments beneath the article; 'How deep do we have to fall down the rabbit hole before we awake and realise we're in wonderland?'

Here's an exert: 

'A father has been jailed at a secret court hearing for sending a Facebook message to his grown-up son on his 21st birthday.

Garry Johnson, 46, breached a draconian gagging order which stops him publicly naming his son, Sam, whom he has brought up and who still lives with him. 

In a case which is certain to fuel concerns about Britain’s shadowy network of secret courts, a judge sent the former music executive to prison for contempt at a closed-doors family court hearing in Essex at the beginning of last month.

He was not arrested by police or even represented by a lawyer.'

Read the full article here:

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Dead Men Tell no Tales?

This is a follow up to my previous post questioning the narrative being presented on the Boston bombings.

On the 22nd of May the FBI went to question Ibragim Todashev, an alleged associate of bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, at his home in Florida.   The story initially went that just as Todashev was about to sign a confession to a triple homicide, he pulled a knife and attacked the FBI agents causing them to shoot him dead.  Then the story changed, suddenly there never had been a knife, leaving the FBI shooting an unarmed man six times, once through the back of the head, in his own home.

Here's Abby Martin breaking this down

Mr. Todashev's father (pictured above) believes his son was executed to keep him silent regarding something he knew about either the bombings themselves, or the FBI's links to the Tsarnaev brothers.   In the video below, investigative journalist and former police officer Michael Ruppert, further breaks down the problems with the official story.  Mike Ruppert was amongst the most prominent investigators of the September 11th attacks as an act of false flag terrorism, he speculates that the Boston bombings may well have had a similar origin in state sponsored violence.

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