Wednesday 18 December 2013

Cutting Down The Amazon (.com)

The BBC recently aired a Panorama documentary where they sent an undercover worker into an Amazon distribution centre in Wales.  They discovered that all the things we've been hearing about Amazon recently are true; they treat their staff appallingly, their working conditions are likely to lead to both physical and mental stress and staff can be sacked for not meeting impossibly high targets or just so Amazon can avoid paying benefits full time workers are entitled to.

But here's something I didn't know about Amazon, in addition to not paying taxes they receive millions of pounds of handouts from the British taxpayer.  The Scottish Government gave Amazon a handout of 6.8million pounds on the promise they would create 1700 jobs.   Not to be outdone, the Welsh Government gave them 8.8million and built them their own road ('Ffordd Amazon' – 'Amazon Way') for another 4.9million for 1200 jobs in Swansea.   I'm not sure if they've considered that Amazon are almost certainly destroying more jobs in bookshops and other retail outlets overall than they're creating, I'd be very surprised if this drive to greater efficiency created jobs overall.

The Libertarian philosopher Roderick T. Long argues that in addition to the well know concept of 'economics of scale', there are also 'dis-economics of scale', problems that arise when corporations get too big.  He argues that allot of the super large corporations that we see today are not a product of the free market but rather they come about due to the way the State interferes with the market.   Amazon would seem to be an example of this.   I wouldn't mind the loss of the local bookshops if it really was more efficient just to purchase books online, but it actually might not be as Amazon's low prices must in some part come from their tax advantage and the social welfare cheques they receive.

Here's the Panorama documentary in full -  

And here's a link to a talk by Roderick Long on how market forces act to limit the size businesses can grow to and how State intervention is usually needed to overcome this -

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Monday 9 December 2013

Those Pesky (GMO) Rats!

The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology has retracted the now famous 'Seralini study' which linked the consumption of GMO foods with the development of tumours in rats, and gave us the horrible pictures above.  The journal would like to make it clear that this retraction is in no way related to the recent appointment of ex-Monsanto employee Richard E. Goodman to the newly created position of 'Associate Editor for Biotechnology'.  No connection at all.  Neither was the paper retracted on the grounds of methodological errors however, merely on the grounds of its 'inconclusive' nature.

To google 'Seralini' or something like 'GMO rats tumours', you'd be forgiven for thinking that this was the most debunked scientific paper of all time.   According to geopolitical analyst and GMO researcher F. William Engdahl however, Dr. Seralini's study is weathering the storm it's kicked up just fine.   All the criticisms made of it regarding its length of duration and sample sizes apply equally and more so to Monsanto's studies showing GMO's to be safe.   And that's an amazing fact in itself, all studies show GMO's to be safe are sponsored by the GMO industry itself!

James Corbett has produced a brief and comprehensive video summarising this latest aspect of the controversy.

You can read F. William Enghdal's latest article on the controversy here:

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Lee Harvey Oswald in Four Minutes

James Corbett has composed this four minute video on the very interesting and unlikely life of Lee Harvey Oswald, the most well connected 'lone nut' there ever was.  

He's also made this longer and comprehensive video – 'Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep-Dipped Patsy'. Sheep-Dipping is when a military or intelligence agent is given a civilian identity to continue their work after an apparent discharge.  This would explain allot of the inconsistencies surrounding Oswald's life.

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How to Fight Global Poverty

Good news doesn't sell, and it's strange how little we hear about the overall decrease in world poverty that has taken place over the last twenty years.  In this Learn Liberty video, Professor Stephen Davies explains how this has come about through an increase in that much derided concept of free trade.

Probably the majority of references I come across to free trade cast it in a negative light, I'm sure not without reason. But in principal at least, it must be the case that not restricting people from exchanging goods freely by drawing artificial lines in the sand must be a good thing mustn't it?

It's amazing to think that we're only ever about fifty years away from the complete eradication of global poverty, if we choose that path.

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Tuesday 19 November 2013

The Emerging American Police State

For years I've been seeing these horrendous reports and videos coming out of the USA of police abusing their power.  Breaking into peoples homes, shooting pet dogs and preforming strip and cavity searches on innocent people by the road side.  The suggestion accompanying these is usually that America is descending into being a fascist police state.  Whist for many reasons over the past dozen years it has certainly appeared that way, I'm always also wondering if these kind of things have always gone on, it's just now everyone carries a camera around with them and abusive incidents find there way on to youtube, so we're all more aware of it.

Well according to lawyer and author John Whitehead the answer is no, these kind of abuses have vastly increased in recent years, as the police have been militarised there's been a three thousand percent increase in swat team raids since the early 1980's.  These can result in innocent people, and even children, being murdered in their own homes.  In this interview with Tom Wood's, Mr. Whitehead details some of the more extreme examples he's come across, including one of a man who was committed to a mental institution for writing anti-Obama posts on Facebook!  He also questions why exactly the Department of Homeland Security have felt the need recently to buy over one billion hollow point bullets. Scary stuff indeed.

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LBJ Killed JFK - Abby Martin Interviews Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a political strategist for the Republican party who worked on the Presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and both of the Bush's.  He was at the centre of the infamous incident in Florida in the year 2000, preventing the recount that could have seen Al Gore elected President.  He spent thirty years at the heart of the American political establishment and has just authored a book claiming that Lyndon B. Johnson was the central figure in the plot to kill John F. Kennedy.

Whilst no one could accuse Mr. Stone of being a particularly honest or trustworthy man (just watch the interview to see why), given his position his views on the assassination of John F. Kennedy are certainly worth listening to.   His frank admissions of the dirty tricks that go on in U.S. Presidential elections is also eye opening to say the least!

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Sunday 10 November 2013

Meditation and Sleep

I've been away from blogging for a while working on some writing and other projects, also I ran out of things I wanted to rant about, but they've started to build up again so I'm back!

Let's re-kick off with this Conscious TV interview from 2010 with philosopher Timothy Freke.   Tim is discussing the exploration of consciousness through the practice of meditation and for me it's one of the most enlightening discourses I've comes across on the subject.

Tim describes meditation as the act of becoming 'conscious that you are conscious', turning awareness away from the world and back in on itself to become aware of the thing that is aware.   He then compares this to entering the relaxed and peaceful state of deep sleep, but doing so consciously.  And this is what the whole thing about watching the breath is for, by keeping some of our attention anchored in the world we don't fall off the cliff entirely into unconscious sleep.   

The relationship between the meditative state and the sleep state is one that I feel there's great value in expanding upon.   Everyone is already an expert at falling asleep and therefore it's a great starting point to explain meditation. There is also a paradox that I wrestled with for years regarding meditation, in that it seemed to me to be inherently contradictory that by sitting and doing something I could enter a state of non-doing.   But I encounter this same contradiction every night when I say 'I am going to sleep'.   Who is going to do this?   The 'me' that is carrying this task out disappears at some point into the darkness of unconsciousness.   And yet, this is a contradiction that I and everybody else is completely comfortable with!   It's only when we encounter the same contradiction in meditation that we trip ourselves up.

What I do now in my own practice is sit and spend a minute or so 'anchoring' myself in my breath or bodily sensations, essentially moving my awareness out into the world.   I then just allow myself to fall asleep, allow my awareness to sink back into that deep conscious place that feels like it exists in the back of my head.  When I feel myself sinking into that, I start to moment by moment alternate my awareness between extending forwards into the world and falling backwards into deep consciousness.   Between the dream and the dreamer.  I quite often do this by extending outwards on the in breath and falling backwards on the out breath.  It really does feel quite amazing, like being deep asleep and wide awake at the same time, having that relaxation but also an alertness.

This is distinct from the 'self enquiry' practices where one contemplates a question such as 'who am I?' in order to peel back the layers and reveal our still conscious centre.   I'm not against this practice, I think it really does shake up our concepts of self as being identified with thought, I find that I am not that!  But I find that by doing this I become aware of a deeper field of consciousness without really sinking into it, I still experience myself in the centre of my head look into this deep field.   What I'm talking about is letting go of the sense of self and falling into the deep conscious field where by identification with it rather than the cognitive mind automatically arises.   That could sound rather esoteric and difficult but not if I think of it as being just the same as falling asleep!

Note - I'm aware that this is probably not the clearest piece of blogging I've ever done, you'll probably need to know something of the subject matter already to have a clue what I'm going on about.  I'm hoping to write more in the future in a way that makes these kind of concepts more accessible

You can find out more about Tim Freke, his books and seminars at -
Many more such excellent interviews are available at the Conscious TV homepage -

Artwork courtesy of Kazuyo Yamada, her gallery is at -

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Monday 7 October 2013

March Against Monsanto - Isle of Man

There's going to be another 'March Against Monsanto' on the Isle of Man on Saturday the 12th of October.  Here's the text from the events facebook page:

Following on from the great gathering we had on May 25th 2013 (the first global March Against Monsanto, in which the Isle of Man enthusiastically took part), we plan to be just as wholehearted in our support of the next march. 

This event comes hard up against World Food Day, and there couldn't be a more appropriate time to focus on all of these differing factors

GM foods and their devastating consequences on both the environment and those that consume them.

Unsafe farming practices, including monocultures and destruction of the soil.

The manipulation of laws at EU and US levels (Plant Reproductive Materials law anyone? attempts at patenting wild plants?).

The use of damaging herbicides and pesticides and the hijacking of our food system the world over.

The march is starting outside the Oxfam shop at 2pm and you can find out more here:

And if you want to know why this is important, here's a recent video by James Corbett dismantling five of the  major myths perpetuated by the GMO companies

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Friday 30 August 2013

Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Attacks

In the article linked to below, Associated Press journalist Dale Gavlak claims to have interviewed rebel fighters in Damascus who have acknowledged responsibility for the recent gas attacks.  They say the chemical weapons were supplied by Saudi Arabia and went of accidentally as they did not understand what they were dealing with.

Possibly the most important piece of news in the world today.

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Wednesday 28 August 2013

CIA Helped Iraq use Chemical Weapons on Iran

Apparently the documentary evidence for this has just been declassified, but it's been commonly known for years.  Here's ex CIA officer turned Peace Activist Ray McGovern to explain how the US aided Saddam Hussein's war against Iran in the 1980's, whilst turning a blind eye to his use of chemical weapons.

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Two Sided Story - Film Showing on the Isle of Man

Two-Sided Story is a powerful documentary that charts what happened when Palestinians from a range of different religious and political backgrounds met with a group of Israelis, from similarly diverse backgrounds.  The film is funny, sad and moving.  Without taking sides it provides a very illuminating insight into what actually happens when people from opposing sides sit down together, listen to what the other has to say and see each other as human beings.

The film has been produced by The Parents Circle Family Forum, a charity which consists of a group of more than 500 Palestinian and Israeli families who believe that retaliation is not a useful response to violence.  All of them have lost close relatives to inter-communal violence, and are determined to spare others what they have suffered.  The Forum runs a wide variety of educational, social and artistic projects in Israel and the Palestinian territories and due to generous sponsorship from the Claremont Hotel, The One World Centre, and the Isle of Man Interfaith Group, 100% of the cost of a ticket will go to supporting this work.

Human rights journalist Diane Taylor who works with the charity, will be visiting the Island and after the film will lead a discussion/questions and answers session.

7:30pm, Friday 18th October, Claremont Hotel, 
Loch Prom, Douglas,
Tickets £10 available from the One World Centre Shop,
Duke Street, Douglas
100% of money from ticket sales goes directly to charity

There's more information on the Parents Circle Family Forum and the work they do at:

You can find Diane Taylor's work at her Guardian Profile page:

And for further information you can contact me at:

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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Seeds of Discontent - Cannabis Protest in Germany

Student Activists in Goettingen, Germany, have planted cannabis all over the town as a way of protesting its illegality.  A creative way of drawing attention to this issue.

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Monday 26 August 2013

Operation Popeye - The Weaponization of the Weather

Another thing I discovered is that the concept of using the weather as a weapon, far from being science fiction, actually already happened nearly fifty years ago.  In 1965 during the Vietnam War the US Military used silver iodide to cloud seed over North Vietnamese supply lines in Laos.  Operation Popeye, as it was called, is estimated to have extended the monsoon season for at least an additional month.  This was done with the intention of flooding the the supply lines and causing as much hindrance to the North Vietnamese as possible.  It's unofficial slogan became, 'make mud not war.'     

Fast forward to 1996 and the US Air Force gave us their report 'Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025', a document that discusses the potential for the future weaponization of the weather:

'In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map.

A high-risk, high-reward endeavor, weather-modification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom. While some segments of society will always be reluctant to examine controversial issues such as weather-modification, the tremendous military capabilities that could result from this field are ignored at our own peril. From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary.'*

Most disturbingly the 'tremendous military capabilities' include the ability to deny fresh water and induce drought.  

Even if you accept the papers claim that weather weaponization research halted after the Vietnam War (which does seem unlikely), still from the date the paper was written we are now two thirds of the way to when the US Military expects to 'own the weather'!   It appears we now live in a strange world where whenever extreme weather events occur, we simply don't know if they're natural or man made, intentionally or not.  

*You can read the full report at:

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Cloud Seeding - Engineering the Weather

Well I went to the presentation on Geo-engineering (for which chemtrails it seems is something of a laymen’s term) and I found it very interesting.  I certainly now understand why people are so concerned about this issue!   I've been looking into it these past few days but it's all still very new to me at this moment, all I can do for now is post one of the videos we were shown on the subject of cloud seeding and its wider environmental implications.   Maybe I Just haven't been paying attention but I was really quite shocked at the extent to which governments are using the technique of cloud seeding to increase rain fall, I checked the sources and this much all appears to be quite factual.   Beyond that, at the moment I can't speak to the potential toxic effects of spraying silver iodide into the atmosphere or the wider implication seeding clouds may have on the climate, but it's something somebody certainly should be concerned about!

The film is called 'Skywatcher: The Incredible Story of Artificial Clouds and Weather Modification', it's shocking, very interesting and well worth watching

The website for the film contains a good deal of documentation backing up its claims:

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Sunday 25 August 2013

Vigilant Citizen - Eyes Wide Shut

The Vigilant Citizen has completed his three part series into the esoteric, occult and black magic symbolism encoded in Stanley Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut.   Whether you agree with him or not that Kubrick was revealing knowledge of how the elite in the real world operate, gathering at mansions to preform dark magical rituals, I think you'll have to concede that his analysis of the depth of the symbolism in the film is incredible.

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The Syrian Chemical Attacks

Just to balance out the line being presented by William Hague and the majority of the British media, here's Patrick Henningsen explaining why he feels it's unlikely that the Syrian Government are behind the recent alleged chemical attacks. 

You can read Patrick's article as well as a host of other good articles on this issue at the Centre for Research on Globalization:

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Monday 19 August 2013

Chemtrails, Fact or Fiction? A Discusion on the Isle of Man

When Ian R Crane spoke on the Isle of Man last month one of the issues that raised the most controversy and disagreement amongst the audience was that of 'chemtrails', the idea that whole populations are being sprayed with chemicals from aeroplanes.   The suspected purpose of this ranges from anything between weather modification to population control.  I personally know next to nothing about it, but out of all the things Ian said it's probably the issue people have mentioned to me most since, either to say it deeply concerns them, or that that is where they lost Ian's narrative completely.

A talk/discussion has been organised on the Isle of Man to investigate this issue further, it's taking place this coming Wednesday at the South Douglas Old Friends Club and I've copied the information from the poster in below.   Everyone is welcome.

My entire knowledge of the subject is basically contained within the following video, that there is at least historical precedence of the US military using planes to spray US citizens with chemical concoctions to test the effects.

Engineer the Climate and Kill the Planet?
Are Scientists Playing God?

·Global dimming.
·Trees and plants withering.
·Bee colonies collapsing.
·An increase in chronic illnesses and allergies.

Is there a ‘hidden’ source of pollution? Why is this question stonewalled by governments worldwide? How can we effectively engage in dialogue?

Discussion of this topic:
Wednesday 21st August 2013 at Old Friends
Finch Road
(No admittance fee. Donations to help cover overheads would be appreciated)

See you there!

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Cannabis Laws - Creating Crime in the Netherlands

Quick link to a We Are Change video investigating the effects of the Dutch governments recent crackdown on cannabis, and the resulting rise in crime. Amazingly people didn't all stop buying cannabis when the government told them to, rather they just started buying it from criminals instead.  Contains some dramatic footage.

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Tuesday 6 August 2013

More on Prisons for Children

Article from the Daily Mail about a mother from Manchester who has been fined £405 because her son missed a day of school nine years ago, due to headaches caused by a brain tumour.  Mrs. Darilyn Rothwell has been given seven days to pay the fine, before thugs calling themselves bailiffs will be sent round to her house to force entry and steal her possessions.

On a previous post on this blog I described schools as being 'prisons for children', I would challenge anyone to explain to me how this is not the case.

Here's the earlier post, it's actually probably my favorite one so far:

Read the Dail Mail Article here:

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