Wednesday 27 February 2013

False Flag Terrorism – Remembering The Maine

“Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!” That was the rallying cry after the USS Maine blew apart in Havana harbour on February 15th 1898, with the tragedy in which over two hundred and fifty sailors perished being blamed upon a Spanish mine.

This event acted as a catalyst for the coming war between the USA and Spain, a war in which the US gained control of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. It happened at a point in history when the United States had expanded as far as it could upon the North American continent, with the Native population having been finally killed off or subdued. Unlike his predecessor, President William McKinley thought the time was right for the United States to embrace imperialism and set about acquiring an overseas empire, an increasingly popular sentiment in the States at that time.

How convenient then, that right on cue an American war ship blows up in a location that meant it was possible to place the blame upon the Spanish. Subsequent investigations revealed the explosion to have most likely been internal, perhaps resulting from the coal bunker setting alight the ammunition, perhaps something else. The imperialists in the media of the day were however quick to point the finger of blame at the Spanish in the hope of getting the war they wanted. There's a parallel here to the way today's media attempted to draw a connection between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein, where none existed.

Was this an accident or an act of false flag terrorism? Perhaps we'll never know for sure. It is however yet another example of an imperial power looking for an excuse to go to war and finding one in a highly dubious act of terrorism.

In the video below Abby Martin talks about the Maine as well as two other firmly established incidents of US false flag terrorism, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and Operation Northwoods.

False Flag History - The Reichstag Fire

It seems to me one of the most important questions we can ask about the world we live in is whether governments use so called 'false flag' terrorism against their populations. That is, do government forces 'dress up' as the enemy and terrorise their own populations, to justify the foreign wars and domestic oppression they wish to enact?

One prominent example of where this question is relevant is the Reichstag fire, the destruction of the German parliament building which took place eighty years ago today. It's beyond all doubt that the Nazi party jumped upon this event as the means of achieving dictatorial powers, claiming the fire was a sign that a large communist conspiracy was at work and civil liberties needed to be suspended to fight this foe. It was exactly what they needed at exactly the time they needed it, and right from the time it happened, there has always been the suggestion that this is all just a little too convenient and that it was in fact the Nazi's themselves who started the fire.

Although testimony from Nazi's at the Nuremberg trials corroborated this claim, it may never be known beyond all doubt who was really responsible for the fire. Whilst it seems unlike that the creation of Nazi Germany wouldn't have occurred but for the actions of a lone arsonist, I suppose it can't be ruled out that the Nazi's merely acted as opportunists in this case. It does however stretch my personal sense of credulity. We can know for certain that six years later, Heinrich Himmler would have German SS agents dress up as Polish soldiers and carry out acts of terrorism on the German side of the border. In what was called 'Operation Himmler', he even had the dead bodies of concentration camp victims dressed up as Polish soldiers and dumped again on German territory, all to justify the invasion of Poland. Prior to the attacks Adolf Hitler said to his Generals:

"I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn't matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth."

And afterwards Mr. Hitler declared in a speech to the German people:

"I can no longer find any willingness on the part of the Polish Government to conduct serious negotiations with us. These proposals for mediation have failed because in the meanwhile there, first of all, came as an answer the sudden Polish general mobilization, followed by more Polish atrocities. These were again repeated last night. Recently in one night there were as many as twenty-one frontier incidents: last night there were fourteen, of which three were quite serious. I have, therefore, resolved to speak to Poland in the same language that Poland for months past has used toward us...
This night for the first time Polish regular soldiers fired on our own territory. Since 5:45 a. m. we have been returning the fire... I will continue this struggle, no matter against whom, until the safety of the Reich and its rights are secured"

All a complete lie of course.

As the cartoon at the top shows the comparison between the Reichstag fire and September 11th has often been made. Even if you reject that either one or both of these events was a false flag, both were acts of terrorism that the ruling government used to enact a preconceived agenda of domestic oppression and foreign wars. The extent may have differed (although in saying that I don't wish to belittle the suffering of the victims of US terrorism) but the principle did not.

In the short film below, Alex Jones looks at the Reichstag fire (as well as Operation Himmler) from the perspective of it being a false flag event.

The full film from which this extract is taken is called 'TerrorStorm - A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism'.  The first twenty minutes give a very good overview of prominent false flag terrorist events carried out since World War Two. It can be viewed at the following link:

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Terrorism, 9/11, and the BBC

I believe the BBC, who are directly funded by the licence fee, are furthering the purposes of terrorism and I have incontrovertible evidence to this effect. I do not use this word lightly given where I am”
                         Tony Rooke

The above picture is of a BBC reporter announcing the collapse of World Trade Centre Building Seven (The Salomon Brothers Building), on September 11th 2001. Building Seven is however still visible in the background, as the BBC managed to announced the collapse over twenty minutes before it actually happened. They have never been able to offer an explanation as to how they were able to do this.

Yesterday a man named Tony Rooke was taken to court by the BBC for refusing to pay his licence fee. The morality of that aside, Mr. Rooke's reason for refusing was that he believed he would be committing a crime by giving money to an organisation that is supporting terrorism. Mr. Rooke contends that the BBC's coverage of the events of September 11th has consistently distorted what really happened that day, and therefore protected the actual perpetrators of the crime.

Leaving the question of September 11th aside for one moment, that the BBC supports terrorism is surely beyond all doubt, just look at the way it covered the invasions of Iraq or Libya. In fact don't take my word for it, here's a quote from veteran journalist John Pilger on the Corporations historic role as the propaganda wing of the British Government:

Unknown to the public, Reith [Lord John Reith, founder of the BBC] had been the prime minister's speech writer. Ambitious to become Viceroy of India, he ensured the BBC became an evangelist of imperial power, with "impartiality" duly suspended whenever that power was threatened. This "principle" has applied to the BBC's coverage of every colonial war of the modern era: from the covered-up genocide in Indonesia and suppression of eyewitness film of the American bombing of North Vietnam to support for the illegal Blair/Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the now familiar echo of Israeli propaganda whenever that lawless state abuses its captive, Palestine.”

So in my opinion Tony Rooke is in principal right, supporting the BBC is supporting terrorism, the state terrorism of the British and American Governments. Returning now to 9/11, Mr. Rooke seems to be centring his case around the mysterious collapse of World Trade Centre Building Seven, the third building to collapse that day in a way that appears entirely consistent with the way a building collapses due to controlled demolition. At this point seventeen hundred architects and engineers have signed a petition indicating their support of this position. The video below gives a brief account of why this is, in a way you won't see on the BBC.

Poking around the internet I notice that already Tony Rooke is being referred to by a whole variety of derogatory terms, a loon, an idiot and barmy to name but three. No doubt the people referring to him a such are experts on September 11th and the wider history of US imperialism and false flag terrorism. Perhaps not. It's very easy to take a conservative position on these kind of controversial issues, no one's ever going to be accused of stupidity for saying they don't believe 9/11 was an inside job. Indeed I can feel in myself a slight reluctance to writing this post, it's much easier to play it safe with posts about the economics of the minimum wage or philosophise on the nature of government etc. No one wants to be the nail that stands out and I'd like to finish by saying that whether he's right or wrong, I respect Mr. Rooke and anyone else who is prepared to stand up, put their credibility on the line and say the unpopular thing.

Video of Tony Rooke speaking outside of court:

Article from Global Research on the court case:

Daily Mail article on the court case

Link to full article by John Pilger:

Saturday 23 February 2013

Aikido for Veterans

Video on an aikido program aimed at helping military veterans cope with their post traumatic stress. Aikido's potential is I feel largely untapped and it always pleases me to see people finding new and creative extensions of it.

No More Hesitation!

With the US economy moving towards collapse, the Federal Government has purchased two billion rounds of ammunition (for non-military agencies) whilst at the same time moving to enact gun control. And now this, a private company with a contract from the Department of Homeland Security starts producing 'non-traditional threat' targets, designed to ensure law enforcement officers don't hesitate when called upon to shoot pregnant women and children.

Is this an example of a general state of paranoia inside the United States or a more controled plan to bring about a fascist state? Either way, if I was an American, I'd be disturbed by this.

The Forbidden History of Terrible Taxes

Australian video on the destructive nature of ever expanding Government and taxation, I'm sure it's applicable to anywhere in the world.   

Thursday 21 February 2013

Muralist Mear One's Anti Establishment Art

Abby Martin interviews street muralist Mear One about his anti-establishment deep state/conspiratorial art. Incredible street art packing both a temporal and spiritual punch, not really much more needs to be said.

Is No Government the Answer? The Philosohpy of Anarchism

“Violence has a terribly negative effect on society but we generally don't see it with regard to the State, we consider it law and order”
                                          Stefan Molyneux

Abby Martin interviews Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio on his anarchist view that Government far from being what makes society possible is merely a parasite feeding off society and we'd all be better of without it.  Well not all of us, not those that profit from Governments rigging of the markets.  Three cheers for Abby for allowing diverse political opinions on her show and not creating a philosophical mono-culture.

Minimum Wage Maximum Destruction

My essential problem with the concept of the minimum wage is the violence that is inherent within it. Two people freely agree to an exchange, one exchanges their time for the others money, all fair and civilised. A third group (the government) then decides that it has the right to regulate this exchange, for the good of the person selling their time, and uses the threat of violence to do so.

However it turns out the problems posed by the minimum wage are not just moral, as the video below explains, they're economic too.  Who would have thought using violence to achieve a noble goal would have destructive unintended consequences?

Vigilant Citizen on Lil Wayne's 'Love Me'

New article by the Vigilant Citizen on Lil Wayne's latest musical effort. 'Love Me' would be crass and appalling even if it wasn't full of Satanic/occult/mind control themes, but of course it has all of those as well.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Goldman Sachs Rules the World?

Or maybe it's just Europe. The appointment of Bilderberg group attendee Mark Carney as Governor of the Bank of England seems to be just the latest example of many Goldman Sachs linked bankers finding themselves in prominent positions in the European Union. The article linked to below by Paul Joseph Watson explores this.

Friday 8 February 2013

Max Keiser, Mark Carney, Central Banks and Horse Meat

“He should resign immediately and let markets set interest rates and get back to capitalism and free-market capitalism. We don't want a central politburo interest rate setting commie at the Bank of England, you want free markets you want real markets.”
      Max Keiser

Never one to pull his punches, this was Max Keiser's response when asked what would be the one piece of advice he would give incoming Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. A refreshing change from listening to George Osborne make out as if he's just signed the banking equivalent of Lionel Messi (he is:“the outstanding central banker of his generation”) whilst he and the other Conservative MPs try to convince the rest of us that they really do know something about economics. I took a course in economics recently, I still don't know much about it, but the greatest joy I get from having done so is that now I can spot when somebody else is pretending to. And it's everybody in the media and every politician at all times. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

I actually thought I was going to have to write this post by saying that during the coverage of Mr. Carney's appointment, no one in the UK media has questioned the necessity of a central bank and whether we would all be better off without one. Thankfully Max Keiser has saved me from having to make this claim. So there you are, one person questioned it! Very interesting also how he points out that this whole horse meat scandal is actually an inflation issue, not many people will have thought of that!

For more information on what's wrong with central banks see the post:

I'll also post some more stuff on them soon.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Redefine Marriage? Redefine Government!

“Who are we, this Government or this country, to redefine the term marriage that has meant one man and one woman across cultures, across ages, across geographical barriers since before state and religion themselves?”
                                      Tim Loughton, Tory Former Children's Minister

Ok, so I'm sceptical that it's true that marriage has always been so neatly and narrowly defined, haven't some cultures been polygamist? Indeed given the extent of extra marital relations in our own culture, aren't some marriages just polygamy by other means?

But that's not what I want to get on my high horse about, what I agree with Mr Loughton about is that government (any government) is not in a position to redefine marriage. But I want to go one further, and say that government is not in a position to give any definition to marriage in the first place, only individuals can do that. If governments would restrict themselves to recognising only civil partnerships then choices regarding marriage could be left in the hands of private institutions. The Quakers for example have no problem conducting same sex marriages, yet they have been prevented from doing so in the UK by the state. What right does the state have to define marriage for the Quakers?

Unfortunately it seems in Europe the idea that we can make any decisions for ourselves as individuals without the guiding hand of government is just unthinkable. Correct me if I'm wrong, if the UK media has been running with a Libertarian perspective on this issue, but I don't thing so. In the USA the idea of non-government solutions occasionally seeps through, they are of course treated as crazy by the main-stream media, but at least you do occasionally get to hear them.

As an example here's Dr. Ron Paul giving a Libertarian perspective on government and marriage at last years Republican nomination debates. (Sorry to say he didn't win).

Quaker statement on same sex marriage:

Tuesday 5 February 2013

The Occult Super Bowl

Latest article by the Vigilant Citizen on the masonic/occult/mind-control symbolism at this years Super Bowl.

It's my intention to post a link on this blog to just about every article the Vigilant Citizen runs. Whilst on their own they may only demonstrate that some pop singers (or those behind them) have strange tastes, collectively they suggest there is a deeper and darker agenda going on than we know about.

Monday 4 February 2013

GMO A Go Go!

Entertaining video on the dangers of GMO's and pesticides, done in the style of a 1950's infomercial produced by Natural News. I can't claim to know much about the subject but it's surely one of the most important issues facing humanity right now.

You Are What You Seek

Groovy Non-duality animation! I really like the way animation and art is being used in youtube videos to make a whole range of subjects more fun and accessible. Here Mike Jenkins gives an easy to understand talk on how true satisfaction comes only from rediscovering our essential identity, that which was never lost.

(With thanks to my facebook friends for posting this).

Book Review - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

“The system is as old as Empire except today it's more subtle”
                                                                John Perkins

Possibly one of the most important books written this century, John Perkins reveals how we are living in the age of the United States Empire. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say, a global corporate empire that knows no national allegiance. Mr Perkins should know he worked for it for many years as an 'Economic Hit Man', working to enslave poor countries into debt by cutting deals with their corrupt leaders. Many journalists have exposed the evils of the likes of the International Monetary Fund and how it acts as an extension of US Corporate power, but here John Perkins gives an insiders account of this process.

Amongst other things, Perkins reveals how the United States managed to impose a global tax through ensuring that oil is sold only in dollars, the real reasons behind Saddam Hussein's dramatic switch from US friend to foe and the first Gulf War, and his contention the the USA was behind the assassinations of Latin American leaders Omar Torrijos and Jamie Roldos.

It has always seemed unlikely to me that the IMF is genuinely attempting to alleviate world poverty by continuously instigating policies that have the exact opposite effect, nobody can be that bad at their job. So I'd always believed things were rather more cynical behind closed doors, now John Perkins has opened those doors to reveal that even the pretence of humanity never existed behind them.