Monday 4 February 2013

Book Review - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

“The system is as old as Empire except today it's more subtle”
                                                                John Perkins

Possibly one of the most important books written this century, John Perkins reveals how we are living in the age of the United States Empire. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say, a global corporate empire that knows no national allegiance. Mr Perkins should know he worked for it for many years as an 'Economic Hit Man', working to enslave poor countries into debt by cutting deals with their corrupt leaders. Many journalists have exposed the evils of the likes of the International Monetary Fund and how it acts as an extension of US Corporate power, but here John Perkins gives an insiders account of this process.

Amongst other things, Perkins reveals how the United States managed to impose a global tax through ensuring that oil is sold only in dollars, the real reasons behind Saddam Hussein's dramatic switch from US friend to foe and the first Gulf War, and his contention the the USA was behind the assassinations of Latin American leaders Omar Torrijos and Jamie Roldos.

It has always seemed unlikely to me that the IMF is genuinely attempting to alleviate world poverty by continuously instigating policies that have the exact opposite effect, nobody can be that bad at their job. So I'd always believed things were rather more cynical behind closed doors, now John Perkins has opened those doors to reveal that even the pretence of humanity never existed behind them.

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