Thursday 30 January 2014

Another Grammy Awards, Another Occult Ceremony

Definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever come across is the prevalence of occult/mind control/demonic themes in the popular music industry. It's so weird in fact that there's no way I'd blog about this stuff unless I felt a cast-iron case had been made.   To my mind the anonymous blogger Vigilant Citizen has made such a case.   In his latest article he examines the recent Grammy awards ceremony, in particular Kate Perry's black magic demon summoning performance.

"The 2014 Grammy Awards featured a black magic witchcraft ritual disguised as a Katy Perry performance. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This has been going on for years. We’ll look at the Illuminati Agenda pushed in the 2014 Grammy Awards."
Full article here - 

This is not a one off for the Grammy's, last year the symbolism whilst present seems to have been less overt, whilst 2012 saw  Nikki Minaj preforming a black mass

The Vigilant citizen covered both events -
and -

Finally an awareness of these themes seems to be creeping more into the public consciousness, with sports stars tweeting about the darkness of the Grammy's and Christian performers pulling out.1  The comedy video below has gained over 170,000 hits on youtube in the past week, its creators present the Grammy award for 'Illuminate Puppet of the Year.'  With the exception of one tasteless joke about Adele, it's very funny and disturbingly accurate.

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