Saturday 6 July 2013

Melanie Philips, Iran and Russell Brand

The above is a three minute and thirteen second video of Melanie Philips calling for war with Iran due to the threat that country poses to Britain's national security.  It quite amazed me, this lady actually seems to want death and destruction, it seems to be preferable to her to peaceful resolutions with a country that hasn't launched an aggressive war in over two hundred years.   Ms. Philips portrays the Iranian political elite as irrational religious fundamentalists, who cannot be reasoned with as their overwhelming desire is to set the world on fire to bring about the return of the twelfth Imam.  They must therefore be wiped out.

Upon seeing this clip I pulled my Iran books of the shelf and was going to blog about why Ms. Philips was wrong about Iran's irrationality and appetite for destruction, how it is in fact the United States (Britain in tow) that has continuously and deliberately sabotaged negotiations with Iran and thrown attempts at reconciliation made by Iran back into its face.*   Basically the exact opposite of what you hear on the night time news.  But then I read Russell Brand's (also on the panel that night) take on the whole episode in the Guardian, and I thought he'd just captured it perfectly, so I'll just quote him instead.  (He's referring to meeting the other panelists before the show)

"Somehow, after a polite hello from Boris and a reference to the MSNBC clip, I end up being mother (which was weird, because my actual mother was there, so I don't know who she was being) and serve the drinks. A few people have wine, most have water, and I wind up chatting to Melanie Phillips. Melanie is a columnist for the Daily Mail and is mostly known for her knee-jerk, right-wing, hang-em-high vitriol. In person, inconveniently, she is beautiful. Deep brown, soulful eyes, elegant features and a truthful, caring sincerity in her tone. It is surprising and bizarre, then, to see her contort on air into a taut, jabbing Gollum figure, untutored index finger fucking the audience in the face when they pipe up about Syria or whatever. Oddly, I still like her, regarding her opinions as an arbitrary appurtenance that she pops on in public, like a daft hat that says "Immigrants Out" on the brim. When the audience – who, incidentally, make all the best points – boo her, I think it a shame. The wall of condemnation is an audible confirmation that the world is a fearful and unloving place. Like most of us, Melanie just needs a cuddle."

Sometimes, Geopolitics really aren't the issue.

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* See 'Going to Tehran – Why The United States Must Come To Terms With The Islamic Republic of Iran' by Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett. . Additionally if you want a brief take on what the recent election might mean in Iran, Hillary Mann Leverett is interviewed by CNN here:

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