Saturday 12 July 2014

DSN News Wrap

Just a round up of some news items that I've found particularly interesting recently.

Internet regulation is all about protecting children from pornography right? Apparently not. Actually it's about protecting politicians from independent media sites who tend report on political paedophilia. That's the way it seems anyhow. Recently the UK Column has removed all its videos from youtube rather than be subject to regulation from ATVOD, a subsidiary of OFCOM. ATVOD claim that they have the right to regulate any internet content that is perceived to be “television like”, but is vague in what this actually means. So if you live in the UK and have a youtube channel potentially you could now be subject to State regulation. Happy days. This to me really is a huge story, over the past few years we've had access to a level of information unimaginable to anyone living only a short time before. This has allowed us to learn things about the powers that be that there's no doubt they'd rather we didn't know, and it was only ever going to be a matter of time before steps were taken to shut it down. It appears to have begun!
You can read the full story here -

Abby Martin can always be relied upon to speak for the Palestinian people, especially when they're being ignored or misrepresented across all mainstream media. I've just selected this particular video because it's an interview with peace activist Miko Peled, son of IDF General Matti Peled. Miko describes this current bombing campaign in Gaza as simply a continuation of the racist imperialist doctrine upon which the state of Israel was founded. He also believes that the Israeli government can end this hellish situation any time through a one state solution that ends the apartheid regime -

Interesting article by Tony Gosling marking the 9th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings and the continued use of 'Muslim Extremists' to justify the State's security apparatus. For anyone else who's sceptical of the exact coincidence of bombing drills taking place at all three tube stations at the exact time the actual bombs went off -

The Vigilant Citizen has documented more creepy occult/mind-control themes popping up in pop music, most recently in an article about Robin Thicke's latest musical creation, 'Get Her Back'. A song ostensibly about winning back lost love with a video not ostensibly about stalking, abuse and death. For some reason it also contains random images of demons - 

I'm a bit late with this one but this video is an excellent presentation on the Bilderberg Group by James Corbett. James explains the globalist history and philosophy of Bilderberg and other such groups and the deep state actors behind them as well as what their overall agenda might be  -

It's been demonstrated that the FBI has created allot of the terror plots it goes on to foil, by entrapping young usually Muslim men. Now they've been caught red handed going one step further, arresting, imprisoning and threatening to kill a man for refusing to become an informant. Naji Mansour however, had the good sense to record the phone conversation where the threats were made, as Abby Martin reports -   

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