Sunday 20 July 2014

The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

To me events in the Ukraine parallel those in Palestine in the sense that they are another example of power structures wanting control over land and resources and human life being inconsequential to this goal. Ukrainians are being forced to flee the Eastern provinces of their country and find safety in refugee camps in Russia, to escape the onslaught of the Ukrainian military. It's apparent that the national army isn't there to protect its citizens but rather to protect the central governments control over territory. Truly harrowing scenes in this RT documentary aired today -  

I enjoy the way the ever unbiased BBC refers to the Ukrainian army as 'Security Forces' and the separatists as Rebels. The Russians are bad for supporting the latter (I don't actually dispute this) whilst the West is quite right to prop up the former, a complete reversal of the position in Syria. Ukraine is of course a 'democracy', so that makes all the difference.

But how much of this agenda is coming from inside the USA? An unconfirmed leaked memo purporting to be a creation of the RAND Corporation calls for the kind of oppressive measures that the people of the Eastern Ukraine are reporting are taking place. The use of air strikes preceding a ground assault, the establishment of internment camps and the execution of all males refusing to co-operate¹ -  

Here's the memo - 

Fake or not, many parts of it seem to be an accurate description of what's going on in the Eastern Ukraine, with the UN estimating that there are now over 160,000 displaced people.²

1. For a more comprehensive analysis of the RAND Corp memo by Charlie McGrath see -


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