Saturday 12 July 2014 - How Psychedelics Are Saving Lives

We had the film 'The House I Live In'¹ shown on the Isle of Man last night, a harrowing documentary into the devastating effects of the war on drug users. It also highlights how a whole economy has grown up around the war, which like slavery is fed by the human suffering it causes². So yeah, harrowing but highly recommended.

On a more positive note journalist Amber Lyon has recently founded, a journalistic organisation reporting on the positive use of psychedelics in the treatment of such mental health problems as depression, anxiety, addiction and post traumatic stress disorder. Ms. Lyon became involved in this after researching and using psychedelics herself, after she began suffering from PTSD as a result of the horrific things she wittness during her years as a journalist. You can read her story, 'How Psychedelics Saved My Life', here -

I make a point of always referring to the war on drugs as the war on drug users, because that's what it fundamentally is. The term war on drugs makes it seem like it is the drugs themselves that are being targeted, insulating us from the human victims. But it's not just a war on drug users, it's also a war on all the people suffering from debilitating psychological or even physical illnesses who could be helped by these substances, but instead must continue to suffer and die because of the State's prohibition. So essentially it's a war on all of us.

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