Thursday 17 July 2014

Gaza - Contriving a Conflict?

Abby Martin interviews Sean Stone as he raises the question of whether there was something contrived about the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens that sparked this recent outbreak of violence. Actually he does more than raise the question, he directly states that his sources in Israeli intelligence have told him that this is the case.

More along the same lines from Prison Planet's Paul Joseph Watson, bringing this highly suspicious group ISIS into the equation. Nothing about their rise to power really makes sense, unless they have backing from a State that is.

Finally in spite of the scenes of Israeli's sitting in deck chairs cheering on the bombing of Gaza, one group, 'Jews Against Genocide' - 'held a memorial service for Palestinian children killed by Israel in its current attack on Gaza. JAG set aflame to a pile of dolls covered in red paint at Yad Vashem, Israel’s holocaust memorial museum.' Read about it here - 

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