Monday 19 August 2013

Chemtrails, Fact or Fiction? A Discusion on the Isle of Man

When Ian R Crane spoke on the Isle of Man last month one of the issues that raised the most controversy and disagreement amongst the audience was that of 'chemtrails', the idea that whole populations are being sprayed with chemicals from aeroplanes.   The suspected purpose of this ranges from anything between weather modification to population control.  I personally know next to nothing about it, but out of all the things Ian said it's probably the issue people have mentioned to me most since, either to say it deeply concerns them, or that that is where they lost Ian's narrative completely.

A talk/discussion has been organised on the Isle of Man to investigate this issue further, it's taking place this coming Wednesday at the South Douglas Old Friends Club and I've copied the information from the poster in below.   Everyone is welcome.

My entire knowledge of the subject is basically contained within the following video, that there is at least historical precedence of the US military using planes to spray US citizens with chemical concoctions to test the effects.

Engineer the Climate and Kill the Planet?
Are Scientists Playing God?

·Global dimming.
·Trees and plants withering.
·Bee colonies collapsing.
·An increase in chronic illnesses and allergies.

Is there a ‘hidden’ source of pollution? Why is this question stonewalled by governments worldwide? How can we effectively engage in dialogue?

Discussion of this topic:
Wednesday 21st August 2013 at Old Friends
Finch Road
(No admittance fee. Donations to help cover overheads would be appreciated)

See you there!

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