Monday 26 August 2013

Cloud Seeding - Engineering the Weather

Well I went to the presentation on Geo-engineering (for which chemtrails it seems is something of a laymen’s term) and I found it very interesting.  I certainly now understand why people are so concerned about this issue!   I've been looking into it these past few days but it's all still very new to me at this moment, all I can do for now is post one of the videos we were shown on the subject of cloud seeding and its wider environmental implications.   Maybe I Just haven't been paying attention but I was really quite shocked at the extent to which governments are using the technique of cloud seeding to increase rain fall, I checked the sources and this much all appears to be quite factual.   Beyond that, at the moment I can't speak to the potential toxic effects of spraying silver iodide into the atmosphere or the wider implication seeding clouds may have on the climate, but it's something somebody certainly should be concerned about!

The film is called 'Skywatcher: The Incredible Story of Artificial Clouds and Weather Modification', it's shocking, very interesting and well worth watching

The website for the film contains a good deal of documentation backing up its claims:

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