Saturday 29 December 2012

How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

This video is a conversation between possibly the two biggest conspiracy theorists in the world, David Icke and Alex Jones. 'Conspiracy theorist' has become a derogatory label, I'd suggest this was part of an intentional plan, but that would make me a conspiracy theorist!

Once it is acknowledge that there is indeed a rabbit hole, the question becomes 'how deep does the hole go?' Is it all corporations, financial institutions and politicians acting with profit driven yet short sighted motivations? Most of the time this is how the world appears to me. Occasionally however, something emerges that is hard to explain in this context, so I recognise that I really don't know how the world is working and keep an open mind that the rabbit hole might go really very deep indeed.

David Icke thinks it does and in this interview he presents his view that dark demonic like beings are ultimately pulling the cords of power in this world. He equates these beings with what the Gnostics called the archon's, the beings the Apostle Paul is referring to when he speaks of 'the rulers of this age'.

I have no idea whether there's any truth in this or not. What fascinates me though, is the continuous re-emergence of the gnostic idea that the world is ruled over by dark demonic forces that must be overcome, sometimes in literature in films like the Matrix and here very literally with David Icke.


  1. It's not surprising that these ideas keep resurfacing. Some people would rather believe dark forces are in control rather than accept that quite possibly nobody is in control at all. That can be far more scary to some people.

  2. Congratulations Colin, you've earned your place in history as he first person ever to comment on Deep State News! :0).

    I don't disagree but I object to applying a psychological interpretation of why people believe what they believe in only one direction. For example, would you agree with your statement if I re-wrote it in the following way?

    'It's not surprising that these ideas keep resurfacing. Some people would rather believe nobody is in control at all rather than accept that quite possibly dark forces are in control. That can be far more scary to some people.'

    That being said I take your point that one would assume it would be more scary to think of dark forces being in control, however many people would prefer any kind of order to chaos or uncertainty.