Saturday 22 December 2012

Piers Morgan Vs Larry Pratt on Gun Control

For years Private Eye magazine referred to Piers Morgan as Piers Moron, I now feel they were quite justified in doing so.  Some of the American media I read is very pro-gun, until the events of the past week I've never really looked into it having no interest in guns myself. What the likes of Larry Pratt seem to be claiming, is that America is not the free gun zone we imagine it to be, that there are areas where guns are restricted and this is where all the mass shootings occur. Outside of these restricted areas, gun crime is quite low.

There seems to be a unanimous view on this side of the world that gun control will keep everyone safe and is the moral thing to do. Those opposed to it are amoral and couldn't care less about children being shot just so long as they can remain armed to the teeth. I don't think this is true, in fact the opposite argument could be made. It's hard to imagine that the USA will be a safer country when only the criminals have guns.

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