Sunday 23 December 2012

Book Review - Meltdown Thomas E Woods

Opinion seems to be almost unanimous that the cause of the economic crash of 2008 was a lack of government oversight and regulation of the economy. Writing from the perspective of the Austrian school of Economics, Tom Woods presents the opposing view. In this book he builds the case that far from being the solution to problems, governments, in particular central banks, are the cause of boom and bust cycles and our economic woes.

If you've ever thought there was something strange about the idea that governments can spend their way out of debt (stimulus package), or that printing money would help the economy (quantitative easing), or just that government are likely to regulate for the public good as opposed to the good of corporations then this book may be of interest to you. At less than 200 pages it's concise, well written (I could basically understand it and I don't have any flare for economics!) and as a bonus quite funny too.

It's my view that a minority of people seem to be able to take the piss out of the rest of us, because they understand the rules by which the money game is played and we don't. If we're ever going to have true economic justice that has to change.

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