Saturday 3 August 2013

Fracking - Ian R Crane Reports from the Balcombe Blockade

Picture of a Sussex Police Officer reading article entitled 'Fracking Nightmare' in the UK Column.

Here's a video of Ian Crane reporting from the fracking protests at Balcombe, assessing the impact the protests are having, the conduct of the police, and calling out for re-enforcements.

Here's also a quote I've lifted from Ian's facebook page, illustrating the concern the police have over the potential of fracking protests taking place all over the country.

The following is part of a message I received earlier today from a serving Police Officer, based in another area of the Country soon to be targeted by the FRACKers:”

' ... What my inspector did say, which was quite interesting, is that he knows one of the guys who is involved in the planning of policing of protests nationally, and the police are actually terrified up and down the country, basically because they know that Balcombe is going to happen everywhere and they know the strength of feeling about Fracking in the public. This just proves what people power can do, I reckon! Anyway, best wishes ... '

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