Sunday 9 March 2014

Barraco Barner - Or Why Voters Should Be Uninformed!

This ladies name is Gemma Worrall, she has recently achieved world wide fame for misspelling the name of the guy who reads a Teleprompter for the corporate elite in the United States, and confusing him with another guy who does a similar job in the United Kingdom.

Ms. Worrall's intelligence has been called into question as a result of this lapse of judgement, but as the following Learn Liberty video demonstrates, she's actually being entirely rational in not knowing anything about politics, if not in her decision to then tweet about it!

And from now on, on this site, the aforementioned Teleprompter reader will always be referred to as 'Barraco Barner'.  I'm sure he'd prefer it to being called Barack the Bomber or Barry Soetoro or anything like that.

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