Monday 17 March 2014

More Tales from the Persian Kitchen

"At a time of increased military tensions, a project which humanises Iranian people, dispels stereotypes, gives a voice to a people rarely seen or heard in the Western media and promotes cross-cultural understanding could not be more important. Saffron aims to do just this, guiding viewers on a fascinating journey into the hearts (and stomachs) of Iranians today."
Yasmin Khan

Last Year I blogged about Yasmin Khan's project to make a documentary film about Iranian cuisine. At the time, she was raising funds on Kickstarter to film a promo in Iran, which she could then pitch to TV companies. That promo is now here, and it's amazing!  Look for yourself - 

The subtle side of this project is to use cooking as a medium to humanise the people of Iran in the eyes of people here. As I wrote last year, 'getting to know a people is a really good cure for being indifferent as to whether our governments want to kill them or not.' Since then, in Britain we have seen the historic vote against a war with Syria, and a growing knowledge and scepticism of the manipulative role Western governments play in events like the current Ukrainian revolution. So rejoice, for the world is changing!  

A question often asked in the alternative media however, is how to connect with more people?  People whom (perhaps sensibly) have no wish to spend their time looking into the nefarious things that their governments are up to. This project maybe a shining example of such a way, promoting a sense of togetherness and our shared humanity with people across the globe, and thereby lessening the chance of future wars without mentioning politics at all!

Visit Yasmin's website to see more stories of her adventures cooking through Iran, and like her page on facebook to keep updated with her progress - 

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