Sunday 16 March 2014

The Revolution will be Voluntary!

Hello Everyone,

I've decided to change the plan regarding the sale of tickets for Professor Gerard Casey's upcoming talk, Libertarian Anarchy. As of now, tickets are scrapped. I am going to attempt to fund the event solely through donations.

Here's why. Just as the minimum wage is a barrier that prevents people from getting jobs, so a minimum charge is a barrier that prevents people coming to events. Obviously I want as many people to attend as possible and therefore it doesn't make sense to me to place obstacles in their way. To me of course, £7 is a great price to hear a lecture on what I believe will be the major emerging political (or apolitical) paradigm of the 21st century. But of course not everyone thinks of anarcho-capitalism this way, most people have either never heard of it, or if they have they may think it's anything between lunacy or a right wing conspiracy to take social welfare away. I understand this, and I want those people to come along and listen first before deciding if this is something they want to contribute towards or not.

There's a great experiment going on in the emerging alternative media at the moment. The question being ask is what is the best way to get valuable information distributed as widely as possible, whilst still keeping the lights turned on? Can information be made open to all, or does economic necessity mean it has to be locked away behind walls? I don't know the answer to this, but I do want to engage in the experiment. If I end up in the black, I'll do more events in the future, if I end up in the red, I might leave it to people who have big organisations behind them. It's all very exciting!

Regarding the costs, I'm personally looking at a bill of at least £350. And that's without getting the event filmed, something I'd really like to have professionally done so it can be seen all over the world. So I would ask that if you do feel it's valuable to have these kind of events on the Isle of Man, please do make a financial contribution on the night.

As this event will now be co-created by all those who put into it, another way to support it is to tell people about it. It's great if people invite their contacts on the facebook event page (link below) and repost the articles there. I'll be drawing up a flyer too, which I'll try and put somewhere anyone can download.

With thanks,

Gerard Casey- Libertarian ANARCHY on the Isle of Man
Saturday 22nd March, 7:30pm, Hydro Hotel Douglas. Event Funded Solely by Donations. For further information email or call Richard on 476370.

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