Monday 29 April 2013

Boston Bombings - Hallmarks of a False Flag?

There's nothing pleasant about speculating on who was really behind terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of several people and injured hundreds more.  It is however my view that there is very good reason to believe that governments themselves have played a role in carrying out many of the major terrorist events we have witnessed over the past several years, and it therefore becomes necessary to ask these difficult questions.

Why would I say such a thing?  Partly because it's undeniably true, as this segment of Alex Jones' film 'Terrorstorm 911' shows, from the destruction of Iranian democracy in the 1950's to initiating the South East Asian Genocide we call the Vietnam war, governments (particularly the US government) have used false flag terrorism to goad their populations into accepting domestic oppression and engaging in foreign wars.

Many events that are suspected of being false flag terrorism contain certain hallmarks.   One of these is that security personnel will be engaging in a training exercise that that mimics the actual attack, at the same time and location the attack happens.  On September 11th 2001, the US air force was engaged in a war game called Operation Vigilant Guardian, which amongst other things contained a simulated hijacking drill.   On July 7th 2005, at the time bombs were going off on the London underground, a private company was running an exercise simulating bomb attacks at the same stations and times where the actual attacks happened.  And the same was the case in Norway, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported that the police concluded an anti terror drill 'almost identical' to the attacks carried out by Anders Breivik, just hours before those attacks commenced.  To be precise, Breivik's bomb went of twenty six minutes after the exercise finished.1

So when those who question these things question whether a terrorist incident may be a false flag event, one of the first things they would look for is whether there was a 'training exercise' taking place at the same location and time that the actual attack took place.  And sure enough in Boston it appears there was. 

The next hallmark those who seek might expect to find, is the accused terrorists having a pre-existing relationship with one or more intelligence agencies.  This quickly turned out to be the case with the accused Tsarnaev brothers.  What's so strange about that, wouldn't you expect intelligence agencies to be monitoring such people? Well sure, but as the following video presentation by James Corbett shows, there may be a little bit more to it than that.   It turns out the FBI has been involved in every terrorist plot in the United States over the past ten years, an involvement that goes beyond monitoring to actually masterminding the plots themselves.   Back in 1993 they even supplied the bomb that detonated at the World Trade Centre killing six people.  The ultimate role of intelligence agencies may not be to protect their population from terrorist attacks, but rather to advance the imperial agenda of the state.

It's a matter of historical record that the United States government (or maybe more accurately corporatocracy) has unleashed unlimited brutality on the wider world in pursuit of it's goal of global hegemonic power.   The body count runs well into the millions with the weapons ranging from napalm in Vietnam to the training of death squads in El Salvador, and of course include the more subtle weapon of deception.2  It seems silly to me to on the one hand acknowledge this, yet on the other refuse to even consider that the US gov would ever committed an act of violence against its own population in order to advance this same imperial agenda.  And whether you agree that there's more going on here than we're being lead to believe or not, there's no doubting it's the imperial agenda that will ultimately benefit from this latest tragedy.

This has just been a very quick overview of the things that have most struck me about the Boston Bombings.  There's much more of interest, including pictures of military personnel at the marathon and inconsistencies surrounding the attempts to arrest the Tsarnaev brothers.   If you want to know more then I'd recommend both Global Research and Alex Jones' Infowars as the best places to go.

1. For more on these 'exercises' see my previous post:

2. If you want proof see 'Overthrow – America's Century of Regime Change From Hawaii To Iraq' by Stephen Kinzer. Alternatively read any book by John Pilger or go to his website and watch any of the documentaries.

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