Saturday 27 April 2013

Earfilms - Imagination is the New Technology

A friend of mine is involved in a project called Earfilms, a term I have now added to the dictionary on my word processor!   It's essentially a film which you 'watch' blindfolded, a combination of storytelling, 3D surround sound and music is intended to evoke images within the mind, so your imagination literally becomes the screen upon which the story is played out.   In a world where ever more sophisticated levels of technology are employed in our entertainment, it's really appealing to me to see a project that embraces the eternal technology of the eye of the mind.

The European premier of the first feature length Earfilm, 'To Sleep To Dream', is taking place at the Brighton festival from the 4th to the 6th of May. Here's a description of the film, along with a documentary about Earfilms that also gives you a short taste of what they're like.

In 2056 a great flood devastated the World, leaving just one city standing — Lhaytar — a society built under the supreme control of one corporation. Here, workers of the corporation are denied the freedom to breed, and even to dream. We follow deflated worker Jack Richards, an overworked giant of a man lost in the system — until one day he encounters a message left in the space between the waking and sleeping worlds and a strange new reality opens up for him.

Haunting and magical, this is a story about the power of the dreamer and the desire to find your strength in a world that makes you feel small.

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