Monday 29 April 2013

Saffron - Cooking for Peace with Iran

"Ask the average person in the West what they think of Iran and chances are they'll mention bombs, nukes, war. And that's just if you get them on a good day.

Quite frankly, I'm over this.

At a time of increased military tensions, a project which humanises Iranian people, dispels stereotypes, gives a voice to a people rarely seen or hear in the Western media and promotes cross-cultural understanding could not be more important.  Saffron aims to do just this, guiding readers on a fascinating journey into the hearts (and stomachs) of Iranians today."
                                                      Yasmin Khan

I just happened upon this project whilst looking for something else on a friends facebook page.  I'm certainly glad I did because it's one of the most interesting ideas I've come accross this year.  Yasmin Khan  is a half-Iranian writer, campaigner and most importantly cook.  She's hatched a plan to travel across Iran sharing recipes and cooking with the people she meets and turning this journey into a documentary and cook book.  This project however is about more than just cooking, it's about humanising the Iranian people in our eyes, showing that they're real people too, who enjoy doing the same kind of things we do.  Here's the short film she's made explaining the concept some more

Wars can only take place in the absence of empathy, and getting to know a people is a really good cure for being indifferent as to whether our governments want to kill them or not.  For this project to go ahead Yasmin needs to raise £8,500 by the 21st of May.  She's already a good part of the way there, but needs all the help she can get.  Please visit her campaign website below and if you feel so inclined, make a donation.  I'm sure that if everyone who sees this and thinks 'that's a really great idea!' just gave a few pounds then Yasmin would easily hit her target.  The more connected we here feel to the people of Iran, the less chance there is that it'll become the next Iraq!

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