Wednesday 3 April 2013

The European Tower of Babel

Here's the latest creepy European Parliament propaganda film, this time they're claiming to be the defenders of free speech in Europe.  I really have no idea what this means, are they suggesting that various nation state governments would have outlawed freedom of speech by now if it wasn't for intervention by wise European overlords?   There seems to be something flawed with the premiss that 'nation states can limit freedom, therefore we will create a super-state to protect freedom', a plan that could go super wrong!

As the European economy continues its meltdown and bank deposits are raided in Cyprus, my guess would be that the real message here is 'Say what you like, we don't care, we're going to do what we want anyway.'   It's only primitive dictatorships that directly limit freedom of speech, the more sophisticate ones allow people to say whatever they want, but just ensure it has no impact, creating the illusion of freedom.   No one rebels if they thing they are free.

Here's the video, watch it if you can stomach it:

Ok, enough of that, now lets ask another question about what freedom of speech in the European Union really means.

The above is a picture of the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, the Louise Weiss building.  A bit like the second Death Star it's left unfinished, apparently to reflect the unfinished nature of the European project.  What could it be based upon, a Colosseum perhaps?

Maybe, but here's another possibility.

The painting below is Pieter Brueghel's sixteenth century depiction of the Tower of Babel, the tower described in the book of Genesis.  The one that people built high up into the sky before God intervened to stop it, ensuring everyone spoke different languages ever after.  Although there are comparisons it would be a stretch to say that this is clearly the inspiration for the EU parliament.

Well maybe not, here's an EU poster depicting the parliament, I don't think there can be any doubt that this is clearly based upon Brueghel's painting of the Tower.  It is therefore in no way a stretch to suggest that this is where the architecture of the parliament building itself draws inspiration from.  

Is there something a little bit odd about this?  That the Parliament building of predominantly Christian Europe is based on a tower that God himself halted the construction of?  The slogan 'Europe: Many Tongues One Voice' takes on a whole different and sinister meaning when viewed in this context.  We could also ask about the upside down pentagrams, why a small group stand apart from the others and why European's (with the exception of the baby) are depicted as block heads.

Just in case you're still not sure, here they are side by side.

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