Tuesday 26 March 2013

Charlie and Meg's Roundhouse

Another one from the Daily Mail, an article today reporting on the plight of Charlie Hague and Megan Williams, a couple whose beautiful roundhouse (pictured above in the snow) may be demolished by their local council if they fail to gain retrospective planning permission.

The house took a year to build, it has a wooden frame, uses lime plastered straw bales for insulation and has a sod roof.  The couple recruited friends to help with the construction and the total cost was around fifteen thousand pounds.   Yes, you really can build a beautiful house for around fifteen thousand pounds!

I'm shooting from the hip here, but it seems to me planning permission exists primarily for the benefit of big building corporations, so they can construct huge estates full of expensive houses that all look the same.  People then end up enslaved to thousand pound a month mortgages, (Mortgage - literally 'death contract').  Rather than respecting private property rights we have a system where an armed gang (that would be government) dictates what everyone can and can't do on their own land, all for our own benefit of course.  The sad thing is so many people love their own enslavement, the couple here have been criticised on their facebook page for not playing by the rules and asking permission before building on their own land!  It's kind of like when you're at school and have to ask permission to go to the toilet, the conditioning starts early.

I suppose it come down to that you either believe humans left to their own devices can co-operate and develop land in a way that's beneficial for everyone, or we need a group with a self-bestowed monopoly on violence to dictate to us all what to do. We've seen where the latter of those two options has taken us so you can decide for yourself whether you like it or not.

Anyway, Watch the video to be taken on a guided tour of the house by its creator Charlie Hague:

Link to Charlie and Meg's facebook page with more pictures of the house, if you want to show your support give them a 'like':

Here's an article from the Mises institute exploring how society could create planning rules without the need for dictatorial government:

Read the Daily Mail article here:

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