Monday 18 March 2013

The Swedish Mannequins

Apparently this photograph has gone viral over the past couple of days so DSN maybe the last place you hear about it. The photo was originally taken by a Swedish lady named Rebecka in 2010 and has sat quietly on her blog for the past three years, before recently gaining the world's attention.

Essentially the Swedish department store Ahlens (it has been misreported as being H&M), has started using these fuller figure mannequins to more realistic represent the average women's body shape. I thought this made for quite a pleasing contrast with my previous post, where the girls from Monster High are all stick thin with disproportionately large heads.

Two things I find interesting about this. Firstly, whilst Ahlens may not be the only store to have ever used slightly larger mannequins, it's still such a rare thing to do that it has captured global attention! Secondly, upon discovering that the Mannequins were not at H&M, the Washington Post declared that the photos were faked. That is to say, they found it easier to believe that someone would go to the effort of faking them (think about what's involved) than that a store would actually use mannequins that are ever so slightly larger than normal. Larger than normal mannequins that is, they're still smaller than the average woman. What does this say about the world we live in?

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