Thursday 14 March 2013

Orwellian Secret Courts in the UK?

On the day the Gay Marriage bill was passed it would seem something altogether more sinister was going on at Westminster.
If you live in the United Kingdom you might want to read the following Global Research article I'm linking to. It's about the possibility that Britain will have secret courts in the very near future, courtesy of a bill sponsored by Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke. According to the author, judicial trials could be held in secret, it could be illegal to tell anyone about them and the accused would not even have to be informed of what they were charged with. Very disturbing. Here's the opening paragraph, the article has a link to a protest form from Big Brother Watch:
'Britain is on the brink of tyranny. The Justice and Security Bill, if it becomes law, will enable judicial trials to be held in secret, and it will even be illegal to tell anyone about them. The bill has now gone through all stages in the House of Commons, and will now go to the House of Lords for consideration. In other words, it’s nearly there.'
Read the full article here:

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