Sunday 17 March 2013

Vigilant Citizen on Monster High

I wasn't sure whether to link to this or not, I have to admit I don't find it the most compelling case the Vigilant Citizen has ever made. However, taking his work in totality, I believe he is on to something regarding the presence of dark occult type themes appearing in the music and entertainment industry. So I'm going to stick to my original pledge and link to everything he produces.

Monster High is a children's television show about a high school where the students are the children of prominent fictional monsters; (Dracula, Frankenstein etc.). Certainly on the face of it it carries quite a positive anti-bullying, be yourself, don't be ashamed of your uniqueness, message. The VC casts his critical gaze upon it because of the sexualised clothes the characters wear (it's marketed to girls under ten) and the heavy emphasis on darkness and death. He draws a connection to the chairman of Mattel being a member of the Trilateral Commission and (apparently) the Bilderberg group. The idea being that Mattel is pushing the 'Illuminati' agenda on to children. He also claims that like much popular entertainment, the show is laced with references to the CIA's now supposedly ended mind control program, MKULTRA.

Has he gone to far this time? Maybe, it's hard to see what's strange in a show about monsters having coffins and skulls everywhere. I'm sure I was into all that stuff when I was a child and it didn't seem to do me any harm, (based on the contents of this blog readers may disagree!). However I agree with him that the clothes the teenage characters wear could only be bought in sex shops and in contrast to the shows message of uniqueness, they're all borderline anorexia thin.

I'll comment on and link to some of what I consider to be the Vigilant Citizen's more compelling pieces another time, for now I'll reprint the first couple of paragraphs of his most recent effort and leave it up to you to decided.

"Monster High is a highly successful toy franchise that is somewhat similar to the Bratz doll line, as both are comprised of edgy, fashionable characters with attitude. Like many other toy franchises, Monster High is much more than a doll line: It is a multi-platform franchise comprised of toys, DVDs, a web series, music videos, video games, books, clothing accessories, and much more.
The brand distinguishes itself with its unique, twisted universe inspired by monster movies and sci-fi horror. All of the characters are either offspring of known movie monsters or some kind of undead zombies. While Monster High’s slogan is “Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!”, this franchise also communicates deeper messages to its young audience. In fact, a closer look at the stories in Monster High reveals that it is perfectly in sync with the Illuminati’s Agenda as it promotes themes such as hypersexualization, superficiality, a culture of death and even Monarch Mind Control. As seen in previous articles on this site, these themes are abundant in mass media and, the fact that they are present in a doll line for kids further proves that there’s a continuous effort to expose impressionable minds to a specific set of symbols and values.
This should not come as a surprise, as Monster High was created by the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, with revenues of over $6.2 billion per year. The chairman of the board of directors, Robert A. Eckert, is a long-time member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, the two most powerful elite circles shaping the world today. As you might know, company representatives who attend these elite meetings are there because their brands can help push the elite’s long-term Agenda. Powerful, world-reaching companies such as Mattel do not simply sell products, they sell a culture associated with them. Considering how children get attached and even obsessed with their dolls and the universe that surrounds them, what better way to reach young minds and to teach them the values of a New World Order future? Let’s look at Monster High and the universe it introduces to young children."

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