Monday 25 March 2013

Married to a Sociopath

Just a link to an article that caught my eye from today's Daily Mail.  It's by a woman who believes she was for ten years married to a sociopath.

I'm linking to it partly because I just find it interesting and partly because it fits in with my previous post questioning whether Barack Obama has any functioning sense of morality.  I don't find it particularly pleasing to think that there are a percentage of people who are simply incapable of feeling emotion or any sense of empathy with other human beings, but are simply good at faking these things.  Less pleasing still is the thought that such people tend to gravitate towards positions of high political office, but that's another story.   

It seems to be human nature to impose our own inner sense of feeling on other people, to assume others feel the same sense of love, empathy, guilt and hurt that we do.  We must at least consider that for a percentage of the population, this may not be the case at all.

Here's the start of the article:

"I thought I’d fallen in love with the best man in the world. But Cameron had learned to mimic emotions he was expected to show in certain situations — he worked out what I was looking for and deliberately morphed into that perfect being.

An estimated 4 per cent of the population are sociopaths like Cameron — that’s 272  million people — so it’s likely many of you have had similar experiences. 

Sociopathy, otherwise known as antisocial personality disorder, is defined as ‘a pervasive pattern of disregarding the feelings of others’ which begins in childhood and continues into adulthood. 
Sociopaths usually have a lack of conscience and may also have a history of impulsive behaviour.
But because they’re highly intelligent, entertaining and charming, they blend into society. The truth is it’s just an act. Falling in love with one will break your heart. 

Five years ago, I realised I’d been married to a sociopath and started writing a blog. As a result, hundreds of women contacted me claiming they, too, were victims.  
But let me tell you about Cameron. He was a typical sociopath: deceptive, consistently irresponsible and, worst of all, had no remorse about his actions."

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