Sunday 24 March 2013

She Never Saw it Coming

“It’s an interesting question. During the last election, I happened to be talking to a well-known black activist very much involved in civil rights and other activism, and he told me a story. He said that after Obama’s first election in 2008, he was visited by a group of African American women leading activists who wanted to talk to him. He said he was there when they came out of the meeting and asked them what he was like.”

“And their answer was this man has no moral centre,” said Chomsky. “That’s their reaction and I think they’re right. If you look at his policies, I think that’s what they reveal.”
              Noam Chomsky, when asked if Barack Obama has a moral centre.

I probably wouldn't bother to blog about it if I'd come across an article exposing George W. Bush or Tony Blair as being devoid of any sense of morality.  I think you've got to go to some pretty extreme places to find anyone who still believes those two have a moral fibre between them.   But Barack Obama is a little different, as far as I can see he's still able to sell the image of himself as a good, caring and loving man.   This would appear to be a deception.

It's common enough for fathers to joke about enacting violence against boys whom their daughters may have a crush on.   I was round a friends house a while ago when he made a joke about having to get his sharpening stone out as his daughter had a play date with a boy.  They were both four years old and it was a funny joke.  It probably wouldn't have been so funny however, if my friend had previously attacked and killed a large number of children with a sword.   Under such circumstances it might have been considered inappropriate humour and I would have most likely called the police.

In the video below Barack Obama makes this common joke to warn a boy band to not get any ideas about his daughters, he threatens them with predator drones saying, 'You will never see it [them] coming' and finishes by saying 'You think I'm joking'.   The joke is well delivered and the audience laugh. The unfunny thing about it is though he's not actually joking. Barack Obama really does kill allot of children with predator drones.   It would seem that this is not something he's particularly ashamed of, no little light went on in his head during the preparation of that speech to tell him it was inappropriate.   What does this say about his sense of morality?   Is his caring image merely a projection, a façade behind which a rather sociopathic individual lives?

The reason I think this strikes me is because I could never understand how anyone could look at Tony Blair and not shudder, or how anyone could listen  to George W. Bush and take him seriously.   Barack Obama, whilst clearly vapid, doesn't necessarily come across to me as an obviously evil individual. His murderous actions however, coupled with how untroubled he seems to be by them, would suggest a different story.

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