Thursday 21 March 2013

Conscious TV - Jo Berry & Pat Magee

There's a whole host of new and fascinating interviews now available at Conscious TV, this time with a particular emphasis on trauma and the concept of forgiveness. I've just picked out the following one to feature here, Iain McNay's interview of Jo Berry and Pat Magee.  Jo Berry is the daughter of Sir Anthony Berry, the MP who was killed at the Conservative Party Conference in 1984, killed by a bomb planted by then IRA member Pat Magee.

The two of them met for the first time several months after Mr. Magee was released from prison in 1999, in this interview they talk candidly about the dialogue they entered into which has continued ever since. They now run a non-profit organisation, Building Bridges for Peace, which seeks to demonstrate how dialogue and mediation can resolve and transform conflict.

The thing I find most compelling is the honesty from both of them, neither clutch at terms like forgiveness or try and make their experience fit any sort of mould. Also this interaction is not about liking Pat Magee, rehabilitating his image or justifying what he did, it's simply about dialogue and understanding, and for me that's actually enough.

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