Sunday 24 March 2013

Fluoride, the Forced Drugging of Society

Very good video on fluoride by James Corbett of Global Research TV.   What particularly catches my attention is the video points out that in the grand scheme of things, tooth cavities are not the worst plague to befall mankind, not when compared to cancer or heart disease for example.  If people then accept that it's justified to add fluoride to the water supply, how much more justifiable would it be to add statins or other drugs. Maybe that's the idea?

If you believe as I do that fluoride is added to the water for reasons other than the public good, then there would seem to be two possible driving forces behind it.   It could be that somebody has found they can make a buck out of it, in which case there is an incentive to add other drugs. Alternatively, (and this reason doesn't negate the former), it could be a plot by a nefarious group to dumb down the population, in which case there is an incentive to add other drugs.

Interestingly the Aluminium Company of America (the ones who were making the buck out of it) hired Propagandist Edward Bernays to convince the American public that water fluoridation was both safe and beneficial to human health.  No small task since up until that point people mostly used it as rat poison.  Bernays however was well capable, he'd previously been hired by the tobacco industry to convince women of the liberating value of smoking cigarettes. 

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