Thursday 14 March 2013

Meet the New Pope

The picture above is of General Jorge Videla, the former dictator of Argentina, receiving communion from Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has recently become known as Pope Francis.

In 1985 General Videla was convicted of numerous act of kidnapping, torture and murder.  Forced disappearances ran into the thousands during his dictatorship.  In 2012 he was convicted of planning to steal the new born babies of his political opponents, whilst having their mothers murdered.

Professor Michael Chossudovsky was teaching in Argentina when the military junta came to power.  In his Global Research article that I'm linking to, he recalls the role the upper echelons of the Argentine Catholic Church played in legitimising this regime. Chossudovsky claims that as the highest ranking Jesuit in the country at the time, Bergoglio was central to this and has himself had kidnapping charges brought against him over the disappearance of two of his more left leaning Priests.

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